After a long day at the office, we like to relax by poring over forecasts and call reports.

We may have a little work to do on our golf handicap, but you'll always get our best game when it comes to making your media product more competitive.

Starting with a deep understanding of your products, we use a consultative selling style to assess your advertisers' marketing needs. From there we develop creative solutions to meet their needs using your marketing assets. The net result is more revenue dollars on your bottom line.

We spend our fair share of time in airports or behind the wheel to ensure our approach is hands-on and face-to-face. We want to be in constant contact with your advertisers as we build your brand, support our relationships, and gather important information. This puts us in an enviable position when it's time to make the pitch.

Want to pound the pavement together? Let's go. Every client we represent is welcome on every sales call we make. Or if you prefer, we'll bring the field to you, with regular reporting on what we're seeing, hearing and doing. We want to give you the freedom to be in the field with or without actually being in the field. No matter how much integration you share with our sales team, we want you to know we have you covered.

When everything gets humming, it's enough to make us jump up and down, if we did that sort of thing.

What We Do