It's time to kick some butt, albeit in a very controlled, business like fashion.

After carefully considering the scope of your assignment, we put together a team that is insatiably focused on your media products. At the risk of sounding immodest, the sales reps that make up these teams are the best in the business. We know this because time and again we've watched them develop territories and turn media products into success stories.

Success comes from following some important principles that guide the way we do business:

1) Become as passionate as the client toward the products you represent.
2) Promote the client's brand, not Bock & Associates
3) Get lots of face-to-face time with every customer you have.
4) Ask smart questions, then listen.
5) Turn over stones, big ones and little ones.
6) Leave 9:00 to 5:00 to the competition.
7) Know your market like you live there.
8) Nurture relationships. They will serve you well.
9) Make our client contact a hero.
10) Walk with integrity, or walk away.

These principles help us find new ways to turn our customers' media properties into profit generators. Maybe that's why our client roster features brands that are number one or two in their vertical categories, or why we have active client relationships that go back over 25 years.

How We Do It